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You are a fire my darling,  burn like you mean it! 

Today I had a beautiful session with a beautiful sister that inspired me to talk about 3rd chakra, the fire chakra, solar plexus. This chakra represents the eternal fire burning inside us. Is located in the naval point, a major focal point of energy where all 72,000 nerve endings meet. Cool right?? Right there on the little belly. It controls the fire of digestion. The energy here is concerned with identity, domain and judgment. If there is an imbalance, it can Manifest in the person's character as excessive greed and an overwhelming drive for personal power. No matter how much a person gets, they want more, nothing is ever enough, no matter if it is needed or not.(that is why we live to work and work to live).

As we do with the all chakras, we want to harness the energy of the third chakra so we can use it for our own benefit. On the positive side, this chakra's energy gives us initiative and courage. Its fire can bring a burning desire in us to accomplish great deeds and give us the zeal to keep going(yes girl keep going).

The feminine power of the first chakra and the primordial sexual energy of the second chakra are transformed into a fine fuel that the third chakra employs for the fulfillment of our dreams( remember you are a Goddess or a God,just remember). When we awaken the power of this chakra, we experience fearlessness and a resolve that cannot be deterred by adversity. Obstacles in our path crumble. The downside is that this can result in the inflation of our ego. Those seduced by the power of the third chakra often seek to control others through intimidation. We begin to think that we are the sole authors of our destiny and can subject the world to our will. We feel capable of creating or destroying the world and become dictatorial and manipulative, striving for personal power and fame at whatever cost. When this chakra is cleared, our family and interpersonal relationships become stable. We become effective communicators and discover the power of the spoken and written word. This center makes us true to our own nature. Our life purpose becomes clear, and we can align ourselves to it. The function of the third chakra is to translate vision into reality. Its name in Sanskrit is manipura, which means “the palace of jewels,” referring to its ability to transform dreams into living treasures. The shaman understands that we dream the world into being. This center is the alembic on which our dreams are alchemically turned into gold. When you want to improve the world around you, bring balance to your third chakra. The tool of this center is visualization. The fire element that rules the third chakra provides the fuel to manifest dreams. Be careful that you do not exercise this power for personal gain, but rather for the common good. The key word for this chakra is service.

With your solar plexus balanced, your relationship to power is also balanced. You don’t feel the need to dominate others and you don’t allow yourself to be dominated. This leads to the natural phenomena of assuming leadership roles.When faced with a major life decision, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the big picture. Break things down into small steps. Go slow. Build up to your final decision over time, while being gentle with yourself during the process.

Look for opportunities to take on a leadership role. Perhaps at work, within the family, or in your community, take steps to be more confident and assertive yourself, and then use these qualities to lead and guide others in a positive way. Listen to your intuition! Ignoring your gut feelings and intuitive nudges can cause all of your chakras, and especially your solar plexus to become blocked. An easy solution is to listen to your gut and start taking actions in accordance with your intuitive nudges. In order to balance your solar plexus, I recommend meditation (you can actually find a lot of chakras meditation on YouTube) power yoga, sun salutations, laying in the sun, use yellow crystals, be kind, be mindful, and chant RAM. 😁. Everything is possible make sure you put your intentions out there.

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