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Understanding of energy work.

Most of you that are reading this post right now know what my reiki practice is, know what is happening in session and know my stand when it comes to science and energy work.

With that being said, I have to address some concerns I had for a while.

I can't stress this enough, every practitioner and practice is different. So your experience will be different.

A reiki practitioner is a chanel, a tool for the universal life force energy (reiki), we are not here to treat or diagnose anything. We are working with the energy that sometimes doesn't flow right due to medical reasons, emotional or mental issues.

Now in the last month I had a significant number of people walking in with the idea that they have "negative entities" attached to them, or have been told that a certain chakra is a mess. This is a bad practice, when a person comes in for a reiki session your job is to move energy, not to scare people or make them believe that there is someting wrong with them. Words have power, and when you as a practitioner put power in those words you are not helping the natural healing processes, you are making it worse.

Chakras are little wheels of energy in our body that spin and move the life force energy. When stress, trauma or physical illness occurs that energy and the emotions attached to it manifest in your chakras. So that being said there is nothing wrong with your chakras.

The root chakras is your first and I like to believe your most important energy center because in order to have a balanced life you have to be present and constantly work on this one.

The other chakras are here to teach you lessons and help you become the best version of yourself. Too much or not enough energy moving through your chakras doesn't mean that something is wrong with you. It means that at this point in your life you have to deal with a type of emotion, be with it and learn how to release it with awareness so your energy will flow so that you will feel better.

Now let's talk about words, when you use negative words to describe a type of energy which is a manifestation of an emotion, you are walking away from the root and truth of the problem.

Growing up in the ortodox church i had seen the effects of telling people they have, let's call them negative entities attached to them, the horrible way mental health is associated with possession and the very cruel exorcism ritual. I m not taking out of consideration that some of this cases are real but the majority of them are very sick individuals that get caught in the egotistical industry of saving humans from evil. This rituals are cruel, not professional and dehumanizing.

Now going back to our energy work practices. If we ever want to be accepted by western medicine, we have to learn and understand our place, honoring the fact that we are not healing and just assisting people in their own healing journey. Let the ego go, be the channel of light and honor your ethics.

All of us can cook but that doesn't makes us chefs, all of us like food but we are not food critics, all of us can feel and move energy and that doesn't make us practitioners. Practice, ethics, knowledge, kidness, selflessness and understanding that you can be wrong makes us good practitioners.

Now see you at the studio where we can move some energy together.

You are whole, beautiful and enough just as you are.

All my love and gratitude always.


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