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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Let's talk about success, what success?

suc·cess /səkˈses/ Learn to pronounce noun the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. "the president had some success in restoring confidence" synonyms: favorable outcome, successfulness, favorable result, successful outcome, positive result, victory, triumph "we are very encouraged by the success of the program" the attainment of popularity or profit. "the success of his play" synonyms: prosperity, prosperousness, successfulness, affluence, wealth, riches, fortune, opulence, luxury, comfort, life of ease, the good life, milk and honey "the modern-day trappings of success" a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity. "I must make a success of my business" synonyms: triumph, bestseller, box-office success, sellout, coup, master

But what what is really success? Is it the money you make, the places you go the prizes you win? Is being successful a material achievement? Getting the prize, finishing first in class, getting in that high school, going to that college, marriage, car, house, job, business, vacations, people..... Is it really all our worth, is this really what success is?!

Since my childhood succes was a must, I was raised with the mentality that I must be the best at everything and failing was not an option, but my parents didn't push me I guess I don't really know where it came from. I felt that being successful will bring me acceptance and love and respect. I took failure very personal and unfortunately I still battle those feelings, reiki and my soul journey and my forever healing has helped me arrive to a point where I can celebrate little for some normal accomplishments as a success. See I woke up today and I am celebrating this even if today will be a bad day, the universe puts me in this situations so I can grow. My reiki practice and business now is challenging me every day, because I want it all now, and I need reminders that everything needs time and, space and light to grow and expand.

So today I look at success, my success in a different light, I am very grateful for my successes, and I 'm going to celebrate myself with all my ups and downs because is a damn great success to wake up every day and adventure in this jungle called world.

I also know that what I see as an achievement in my world may be a failure in the world of others. The fact that I choose to move so far from home and never achieved the dream that my mom worked so hard to help me with, being a social worker can be seen as failure, but, is always that but, is true that I moved here and started at zero, working in a restaurant in a strange land, not the American dream right?! The opportunities and blessings I got from working here will forever make me grow, I learned how to celebrate little success, I learned how a small business works, I learn patience and kindness, I also learn what I do not want to be, here I made some amazing friends, also from here I got skills that I didn't learn in college, and from here I grew and reached the level where I am confident and comfortable to dedicate time, space and effort to my life goals pursuing my reiki practice.

In every situation are two sides, one will always fail so one can win, but if you look close and embrace the space between the two adjectives, you will understand that is no failure, one will win and the other one will be pushed on a new path, his own success path that is what success means to me a new chance to live as best as you can every day that you are gifted.

My open house Sunday was a gift, a great success that I will celebrate every day, now I need to walk the path and live every day with grace and open to any changes that will make my every day like my open house day.

Success is that I woke up today, I wipe away fears and insecurities away from yesterday I come to my "what do I do for a money" job so I can do "what do I do for my purpose in life job" .

No matter what you did today remember that you did enough and I am proud of you. You are more than enough.

You, all of you inspire me to live my best, walking in the unknown abis every day. What a great time to live.

Gratitude and love, Loredana.

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Loredana Yenick
Loredana Yenick
Jul 31, 2019

Thank you so much for reading it. I put my heart and soul in my blog.


Very good post My Sister!!! Congrats~~~~~~~

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