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More self love, your body needs it.


The month of love when commercial love takes over. Until I moved here, I didn't celebrate Valentine's Day, and I don't really do it now . I celebrate love in each act of kindness, and the smiles I get from the world every day. So instead of allowing this commercial holiday to take control, I challenge you this month to try a different kind of love, Self Love.

In January I realized how I wasn't giving myself enough self love, my mind and heart are balanced but developing shingles showed me that my body was still holding and not processing a lot of stress and grief. The physical pain slowed me down and made me wonder what did I do wrong? Well I needed more rest and more self love, so I started using the crystal mat more and taking baths and taking more time to sit in child's pose. Loving others is not enough, you have to love yourself first, take care of yourself first and I know how hard that is when your goal in life is to bring kindness and help others.

So let's do this together, this February fall in love with yourself by doing some of those self care practices.

Here are some examples

-salt bath.

-longer showers.

-chamomile or valerian root tea before bed.

-lavander oil.

-gentle yoga.


-good for your soul food.

-eat the chocolate.

-snuggle with your fur baby.

-Reiki and meditation.

-read more.

-massage your feet.

-light a candle with your dinner.

-complement yourself every day.


-and the most important as you read thus place your left palm on your heart and right on your tummy and say I love you.

In Romania , February translates as "faurar" that means blacksmith, this month in the ancient times they were cleaning their tools and sharping them to have them ready for the spring and summer work. So let's take this ancient wisdom and take care of our bodies getting them ready for what it to come.

Also remember that all the chaos from January is still lingering around in your mind and body so remind yourself every day that you are safe, you are loved and you have safe spaces all over, You are not alone!

Moving on to your environment, people in you life, as part of your self care routine enforce those boundaries, love doesn't hurt, love is not exhausting, love doesn't make you feel like you are not enough. So if any relationships in your life make you feel like this, maybe it is time to get confortable saying I love you but I don't like you right now, and that is OK.

Things will get better, Love will win.

All my love and gratitude always.


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