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I love her. 

Let me tell you about a magical land with mountains, fields of corn, and majestic waterfalls. A land with near the sea with a beautiful delta, old castles and even older monasteries. This place is my home country, and fills my heart with so many emotions. This place is România.

In the last month I have been busy working, and making Seva Reiki grow. I haven’t had time to come here and write, and as I sat here today, talking about my childhood, my heart filled with joy.

This magical home of mine is a fairytale land. My childhood days were Infinite adventures filled with love for humans, plant, and animals. There I started my story, and there I first explored the magical kingdom of mother earth. There I spent my summers working at my parents farm. I learned how we are one with everything around us, and how much harmony is in everything around us, even when the summer storms hit us. Talking about summer storms; have you ever danced in the torrential rain!? Do you remember the feeling of cold rain drops on your face in the heat of summer, and the peace of a fire warming your face on a cold winter night? How about the happiness of picking vegetables from the garden, and eating fresh ripe fruit straight from the trees? I never craved anything those days. I just lived in the moment, celebrating each sunset while looking at the stars and chasing fireflies. Somedays I would lay down in the grass to watch the cows eat, and look at airplanes. I wondered where those people were going, how did they feel? And yes, wishing on the airplane that someday it would take me away to a far land that I could explore. That happend later, and for a long time I felt like I left that little girl looking at the sky behind. She was protected from the future trauma, pain, heart break, and insecurities. She was protected from the world. Just her in the field, on top of the hill that had an apple tree. She surrounded by dreams, reading stories from the past, and dreaming of places that didn’t exist. When the thought of creating a workshop that will include guided meditation cane to me, the image of myself in the past came too. I know now that the shy little girl is still me. I still have her dreams, her hopes, her innocence. I’m still shy, and I’m still brave. I was scared for a second, and afraid of this new world I am stepping into. Am I good enough to speak, teach people what I know, and lead with love and kindness? And the answer came... Yes. I am because I’m doing what the universe has trained me to do — all the love, trauma, kindness, people, and airplanes. All of the teachings, and all of the lessons. I know how it is to be up in the sky, slowly moving to find that dream, to find myself, and to reach my highest goals and dreams. The little girl is a part of me, and a part of the mystical land of România — its goods and bads, poverty and richness, symplicity and elegance. It is in my DNA. I am so greatfull that I bring the little innocent girl in my work today, and together we will change the world around. I hope she is proud of me because I m very proud of her.

In gratitude and love always Loredana

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