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I choose to be paid. 

Your time is precious and finite.

This lifetime that we’ve come into this time around, with these talents, will end. It won’t go on forever. And each day that passes we will never be able to get back .And if you choose to dedicate your time to the service of others, then you deserve to be paid for it, because that is time you have spent – creating courses, mentoring students, gathering knowledge and experience, working with clients, or whatever it is – that you will never have back. In addition, we (like everyone) have bills to pay and things we need or want to do, that cost money.Therefore, like everyone else, we charge for our time – and it’s right that we do so. Some of prefer to travel and use their gift as they go, others choose to use this healing techniques on family and friends, others use it as a part-time income and for others is a full time job. I just started my reiki business, and I hope that soon it will be my full time job because this is My dream, my calling. I m writing this entry to my blog because I don't want people like me, at the beginning of their journey into the world of business, to feel quilty or doubt themselves, when people tell you “but it’s a gift so you shouldn’t charge” reminded them that we are all gifted and blessed. Accountants are gifted, teachers are gifted, doctors are gifted, Bakers are gifted, actors are gifted, trainers are gifted, and all of them charge. Everyone is gifted at what they do best, that is the whole point and while we live in a society where money is needed to pay the bills, we ALL need to be paid for our services.

Once we stop being mean and judging each other, we can actually combine all our gifts and powers and the Earth would be a better, happier, safer place for all of us. Live by the reiki principles or by your own principles, but live, live the life you have given and enjoy every minute of it.

One last thing I promise you that it's enough work to be done for each individual. Good luck in your practice, I wish you the best. LOVE, LIGHT end PEACE always!

Namaste, Loredana.

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