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I am not here to teach you, I am here to love you, love will teach you.

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

November is here, In the midst of all the confusion, cold, fear and anxiety, there is hope. There is hope for stillness, hope for love and gratitude. As the last day of October brought to me so much silence, as I retreat to my practice of stillness honoring the ones before me, all the teachers, all the relatives all the loved ones, all the humans, present and past. I find healing in the quiet. October was remembering, harvesting, finding joy. November is about going deeper into the stillness finding comfort in the few rays of sunshine and allowing the rain to make space for gratitude. So just for a moment here find a comfortable place to sit, take a few deep breaths in and out, put your left palm on your heart and your right palm on your lower belly, allow yourself to become one with earth, feel supported knowing that you are not alone, not even in silence. And as you sit put a smile on that pretty face of yours and generate gratitude and love. Now, allow that sense of love to take over, not just your body, but the room, your street, your neighborhood, your state, the country, the world, the planet. We are all connected, and all of us on different planes of consciousness, sharing a mutual space of love, this is how we heal, together as one. As I sit here in my own silence, nervous about our country, sad for the world, missing my loved ones and listening to the rain, I realize that I am never alone. As you listen to the same rain or find gratitude in the ray of sun reading this love letter we are together. So my dear one I am greatful for you, my friend, my client my fellow human. The last 10 months has been changing, but I was blessed in so many ways, new lessons, new tools, new ways of love. As I end this letter I would like to say thank you to my special tribe, my support system, the woman, the man, and cats in my life that believe in me and hold space for me to grow and manifest. There are so many of you and I will not list names because this letter will be a novel, but know that you are loved, appreciated and honored.

Be kind, be gentle, be a good human.

I didn't want to send you another blog about politics but you know me 😜. So just a little reminder to vote, vote like you are a woman, or love a woman, vote like you are a immigrant or love one, vote for love, equality, science, freedom,vote to end racism, discrimination and hate. Don't vote for a man, vote for what you believe in, vote for kidness.

I love you. ❤️


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