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Healing together

How beautiful that sounds... But in our America it is far from being an action of the present. In the the middle of a world pandemic our brothers and sisters are still fighting for their rights, using their voice, their tears and their energetic power. We are so divided that it hurts, it hurts to see the low frequency human condition taking over. How did we end up here?

10 years ago when I moved here I first learned about racism and ignorance, not from the history of the world that I had studied in college that I thought was part of a past history, but by living in a small town in America. At the beginning it was confusing, I thought I was just different maybe a little "exotic" , but when my green card was the reason to be poorly treated by the very people sworn to be protectors... That was a game changer..

And I saw our America in different eyes. My journey to citizenship was a battle for equality, for MY American dream, I wanted to fit in, somedays embarrassed by my accent or my country of origin. My activism started then, with educating myself, and learning about people just like me fighting for DACA , then people fighting for animal rights, people fighting for the right to love, woman fighting for the right to control their bodies, people seeking equality, native born people fighting for their promised rights to their own land, promised by America, living in poor condition losing their life and heritage to the cancers of our new nationalism. Black mothers having to do their own "Street safety" education on their kids... So much is out of balance, and it spirals from one group of beings to another. National parks are getting lost for the greed of the rich, water is poisoned, animals are killed, people are losing their lives.. Just because they want to be, be safe, be happy, live, love. As soon as I got my naturalization certificate I thought things would change for me on a personal level, I have a driver's license now and a social security card that doesn't say not for work or travel, I can vote, I am American.

Then Trevon was killed, then Tamir, then Sandra... Then I listened with rage and anger and I learned. The stories of Emmet Till, and I got deeper into Tulsa, Wounded Knee, Matthew Shepard, Howard Efland, Stonewall.... and so one..

Fast-forward in time many protests and prides later, my American dream is taking shape, I am not the social worker I dreamed to be, but I am a worker, I am a reiki practitioner, I help people in my own way, I help people heal from trauma and not just personal trauma but ancestral trauma. Society induces trauma.. People that society has left in corners to cry alone, because in our America being different, embracing who you are or fighting demons of substance abuse is seen as you are disposable.

In November Seva Reiki became its own place, a place for all, a place where you are loved exactly as you are, a place where your story is important, your pain in real and your struggles are seen for what they are.

At my studio love is really love, compassion is a language for all of us, your heritage is beautiful as your skin color as your shape and your sexuality.

This blog is a thank you for all of you that love me, teach me and give me permission to listen, learn and grow.

At Seva Reiki

Love is love.

Black lives matter.

I honor native American people.

I understand that people like me and you build America.

Woman's right are human rights.

Science and energy healing can work together.

Climate change is real, I love Mother Earth

No matter where you are in your journey remember that sometimes the truth you think is true may not be a reality for others.

So be kind, be gentle, listen, learn, love and be open.

Love and gratitude always,


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