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Cry, cry because is part of the journey.

As I sit here in this beautiful ancient forest, the ground is soft, covered in death, I think of the world before me and the world after me, and I sit on a bed of dead leaves, and emotions are rising, the forest is supporting me, supressed emotions are like the dead leafs you have to see them, feel them, listen to their stories and let them go, so you can feel the ground alive under you. So you can feel alive inside of your body. Your soul is alive inside of your body And I cry, can't tell you why, I just cry because the earth supports me, listens to me, knows nothing about all of my emotions, my stories, my pain and joy. I tell the trees stories of betrayal, heartbreak and suffering, human experience, human condition, they tell me theirs and here deep in the forest we are, we are one. And when I open to my true shape the trees are taller, the ground is softer the sun is warmer and I just am. All those emotions we push down have to go somewhere, they sit in my throat, my chest and my pelvis, and as I walk through this gift called life, I sometimes forget to stop and empty out, but today is the day, I am not waiting until tomorrow to cry, to feel, to be, I let go because it is human, is kind, compassionate and self caring. I never liked to cry, I am sure you have mixed feelings about it too, but I find tears to be one of the best ways to let go of anything that is no longer serving me, you, us.

So next time you are in your safe place, check in with your body, see If you are holding, don't question what you are holding, just notice and cry it out. We are in this together, there is no fear where love lives, no heartbreak where there is compassion and no sadness where there is forgiveness. This, in this space here is just you, a soul, having a human experience. Be soft, it is beautiful to be soft. You do so much for other and the world. When was the last time to held yourself into a hug and cried? Today is that day. Just cry. It is OK. I promise. I care. And so do you. What are you waiting for? Today is here, tomorrow is not promised.

Tears of joy and gratitude will fallow, being human is a great experience.

Just for today be kind and gentle to yourself.

All my love and gratitude always.



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