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It is been 5 months since our world has changed, 5 months of good and bad, as we are all still adapting trying to be the best version of ourselves, September is here, one of my favorite months. I came close to the realization that life and time do not wait for us to get our shit together.

At the beginning of this month I set a goal to say yes and no when they are true, to be true to myself and really listen, listen without the need to have an answer. Well that didn't go as planned because as always, the healer in me takes control and I let myself sit in the back seat while I nourish and provide care, making my clients, my friends, my family and my loved ones comfortable, listen to them and say yes even if no was needed at points.

So why we do that? Is it because we are good humans?

Going deep and listening to myself I learned that we are so impacted by other people's energy, suffering and pain that we take it as our own and we don't let it go. What a heavy load to carry on a daily basis. And remember the take a deep breath in and let something go, well that topic is important here too.

How can you let something go when you don't even know what you are holding on to, or why you are holding on to it? As the crisp air of this September morning is holding me closer to my soul I check in between each breath and see my fingers tense holding on to a ball of energy, my shoulders tired, my heart shivering for the pain of the world. Now is the time to understand the saying no or yes. Answering from a place of ego or selfishness was exactly where I was going, how about me? What about me?.... No, we are part of something bigger the just us and our little bubble. Saying yes or no has to come from a place of understanding, a place of honor for all humans, including yourself.

I let go of the need to heal people and agree to walk with them in the gentle journey of existence. I say no to my ego, to the thoughts inside of me that take me to a lower place. As I am, I am enough, I do my part, I listen, I protect,I learn, I make mistakes and I learn again.

And as the trees adapt and enjoy the change so will I, and so should you. They let go of leaves because you need to purge in order to grow again. And they sit, în stillness, embracing nothingness watching us humans making choices, fighting the change, trying to fight the current of the energy that is happening... They sit, no need for a no or a yes.. They are embracing the season, and that is all.

What is September bringing to you?

I love you.

I am here.

I listen.

I hear you.

Everything is temporary.

Wakanda forever.

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